Saturday, February 6, 2010

It Really Did Thaw, But Then . . . .

Has this been the best winter EVER, or what?!

My thanks to Rosie Hawthorne for that graphic!

I realize that I am spending an unnatural amount of time being consumed with snow.
You gotta understand something though.
For Southeastern Virginia, this is such a rarity that I am going to milk every minute I can.

that last picture is out of order - it's from last week - but I like the sequence

Sometimes a dusting can be the prettiest of all.

This time, the trees were sprayed in white. Pretty.

I especially like those occasions when I could advertise 'waterfront property'.

Uh oh. Would someone please tell them that February has only just started.

There is a trick to taking snow pictures at night.
Obviously, I don't think I have the hang of it yet.
But oooh look - cotton balls!


Sista G said...

Hmmm..tudgeduo was my decoder ring password this time - sounds like two people tudging, whatever that is.

Anyway - great weather map graphic! Also, I like the two pics of the white crepe myrtles (or whatever they are), and the cotton balls!

We have a temporary pet - one of the two lambs born in the snow on Friday was almost dead late that afternoon, so Evan brough it into a warm bath for half an hour, and after two days of lamb formula, it's a little spitfire now - we named him Phoenix!!

Kate said...

Your posts are great and the photos beautiful!!

Kathy said...

Thank you Kate.

Sista - do you have pics of the lambies? Maybe I could do a post about them.

Brother said...

I went to the liquor store like you suggested!