Sunday, October 4, 2009

And a Good Time Was Had By All

Why is it that every time my friend Roger is in town to shoot pictures of the sunrise, uh, there isn't one? It happened once before, and it happened again Saturday morning.

The morning of St. Mary's 21st Annual 5k Race dawned overcast & cloudy with the threat of sprinkles. Good for runners who want to stay cooler & not get toasted by the sun, but not so good for the whole incentive of a pretty run at the beach. Although the mugginess of the warm morning made for some very sweaty people (and they weren't even running).

Roger had a big ol' camera with lenses projecting out about a foot and was taking very professional pictures as a huge favor to the Home. Thank you RAD! And if you would like to read some informative & easy to understand tutorials for beginning photographers, check out his blog.

Interspersed with my volunteer duties, I took a bunch of pictures too with my bitty little Fuji point-and-shoot. And I know that my pictures will be put to shame once the pros get theirs up, but here they are anyway.

We had a little bit of peace before the hoards descended.

And then it was controlled chaos for registration, picking up race packets, getting kids into jogging strollers,
and all the other sundry things that go on before a race.

Oh, and even though our kids couldn't be there this year due to H1N1 precautions,
4 of our former kids (who grew up & left us for the adult world) were there.
It was like old home week. Those are 3 of our boys on the left.

But finally, Team Hoyt was ready for their close-up.

Okay, all ready to start, right?

The Race Coordinator from the Tidewater Striders had no sooner finished telling the racers that the road was closed & Team Hoyt would start in the left lane and runners in the right - the words still hovering in the air above her head - than we had a visitor.
Ooooh noooooo.

It really was pretty funny. But you know what? This is, in fact, an active Army base and they, like, have first dibs on the road, and since he couldn't turn around, he just kept coming.

The crowds parted and our valiant fighting men with their big boat passed through.

And . . . .

. . . they're off!

When I turned around, I saw these.
Either we have a hard-core runner who likes to batter their bare feet on the asphalt,
or . . . well, I just don't know.

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker, but the little kids who did the 1-Mile Fun Run were toooo cute.

Do you know what one of the more popular post-race refreshments was?

And, remember when I told you that Team Hoyt VB was trying to raise money for St. Mary's at the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon last month? Well, they did it! And after having all the kids sign the big fake check . . .

. . . Trey White (leader of Team Hoyt VB) presented us with $10,000.

You gotta love these people. Well, you don't gotta, but we do. They are some wonderful folks.

Many thanks to the countless volunteers who made it a great day, the scores of runners & walkers (about 325) who made it one of our most successful races EVER, Fort Story for their excellent facilities & peaceful course & beautiful beach, the Tidewater Striders for keeping the timing straight, Team Hoyt for their tireless efforts on behalf of young people with disabilities, our many sponsors and donors who made the race a roaring success, RAD for stepping in at the last minute to take pictures when our scheduled photographer couldn't be there, and . . . did I forget anyone? If I did, it is out of stupidity and not a lack of gratitude.

But not everyone had a good time. Sigh.

Oh, and after the race, I got to race back to the Home to watch the Hokies take on Duke with my friend. It wasn't on TV but was on, so instead of watching it on a big screen with a fuzzy picture, we got to watch it on the big, crystal clear, LCD TV that's hooked up to the internet. Whoo-hoo!

And the Hokies won! Double whoo-hoo!!


Anonymous said...

Loved the entire morning! Great for the soul, since I spend all week trying to help our fighting folk kill bad people. I can't believe you published the "Sneaker Still Life." I laughed last night when I saw my version. And you forgot to mention that you enticed me into this project with a promise of muffins! I ain't coming again unless the sky is clear and the muffins are hot.
My sincere thanks to all of the wonderful people supporting St. Mary's kids.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Ticky, are you still enticing with your muffins?

Kathy said...

RAD - your contribution was invaluable. Much better than killing bad people. And next year, we won't schedule our quarterly platelet donation on the same day as packet pickup where I don't get home until 8:30 then feel like I am going to collapse. Although, the muffins won't be hot by the time you get them. I'll have to think about that.

Rosie - Yes, I enticed, I persuaded, then I welched on the deal. But it was all for good deeds, so that makes it all right, right?

Sista G said...

Yay, Rootie, yay RAD, yay Team Hoyt, yay St. Mary's, yay Tidewater Striders, yay Hokies!!!